Surface sealing components for industry

epple’s liquid surface sealing components are intended for heavy industrial use. They reliably prevent leakages from motors and gearboxes, or flanges and casings. Permanently secure and with short reaction times. epple has film-forming/curing as well as permanently plastic sealants in the programme.

Our film-forming/curing surface sealing components prevent all types of leakage – permanently, securely. The sealant completely fills existing scratches and roughness. It already withstands low pressure soon after assembly. And within a day a connection is formed, which nevertheless can be dismantled at any time.

The sturcarit series of sealing components are solvent-free and permanently plastic. They offer reliable sealing against oil (e.g. stucarit 309), water, acids and alkaline solutions (stucarit 203) – and withstand high temperature fluctuations (stucarit 410). This makes them ideal for sealing the flanges of gearboxes and pumps. stucarit sealing components can bear stress immediately after the assembly of the flange parts – without needing a long drying and curing time.