Environmental protection

From the beginning, protecting our environment has been the uppermost maxim for our daily business in all company sectors. Our sealing compounds have always been CFC-free – and decades ago epple marketed the first solvent-free duroplastic sealant.

We are committed to observing all relevant laws for chemicals production, as well as regulations and other requirements concerning health, safety and environmental protection. The appropriate statements of conformity of the relevant laws and regulations can be obtained from our HSE department at hse@epple-chemie-de.

For us, delivering maximum quality implies respecting demanding environmental standards. The requisite activities and provisions are incorporated into all operational procedures. The entire company aims at delivering products of the highest quality and, through ongoing examination, optimizing all technical and operational processes.

We guarantee this by:

  • Sparing use of resources as well as low-emission and low-waste production techniques
  • Careful choice of raw materials, including their environmental properties
  • Special ventilation technology and filtering to protect personnel and environment
  • All production is ATEX-protected and an entire building complex stands in a collecting basin
  • Ongoing investment in technical optimizations ensure secure and environmentally-friendly production processes
  • Resource-efficient production and environmentally-sound waste disposal

Thus, it is permanently checked which improvements can be implemented for more sustainability. For example, in the autumn of 2019, the type of stretch film in the Logistic division was converted to a nanofoil for the infeed of pallets. This will save more than 50% in film consumption in the future.  

Furthermore, the company is constantly trying to reduce its energy costs. To this end, all operational processes were subjected to an energy check by an independent company in June 2019. This program, which is sponsored by the European Union and the Office for Environmental Technology in Baden Württemberg, aims to develop a catalogue of measures that will now be implemented successively. For the implementation of the first measure, epple was the first company in the district of Böblingen to receive a certificate from the IHK Stuttgart. The K-EFF Check certificate can be found in the downloads under Certificates. But we are sorry, it's only in German available!

Our pledge to the future!

Health and safety at epple

Our aim is a safe, healthy and performance-enhancing work environment which ensures the company’s continuing success. Through comprehensive healthcare management we commit to guaranteeing the greatest possible security to our personnel, their families, our visitors, fellow humans and future generations.

Efficient health and safety management:

Our guiding principles in detail:

  • Responsible organisation of working conditions
  • Minimisation of dangers and related working hazards
  • Avoidance of work accidents and occupational illnesses

A secure and employee-friendly workplace:

Extensive risk assessment and consequent measures to optimize all technical and operational processes are an intrinsic part of our health and safety management. To actively reduce work accidents and occupational illnesses, causes of work-related hazards are systematically reported, employees actively engaged and self-responsibility encouraged. Employee-friendly, safe and ergonomic organisation of the work place is our top priority.

Responsible employees

Targeted and extensive training and further education provide the necessary background for the implementation of safety-relevant standards. Health and safety issues are addressed and all personnel are informed about work safety requirements. Regular personnel briefings and appropriate training for their assigned jobs qualify employees for their daily work and serve the safety of all.

A defibrillator installed in the building is in readiness for unforeseen emergencies. A comprehensive safety concept for visitors creates the conditions and code of conduct which allow a risk-free visit to our company.