A pioneering spirit and the ability to view every change as an opportunity have characterised the 80 years of our company – and still link us closely to our origins.

As an established family company now in the 3rdgeneration, we build on the achievements of the past – the basis for what determines us today. With our acknowledged and ever-growing expertise in the development and production of sealing compounds, adhesives and casting resins, we create connections which meet the highest demands and withstand the most diverse loads.

For more than 80 years we have been developing and producing high-efficiency industrial sealing compounds, adhesives and casting resins. In the course of those years a wide portfolio of materials for diverse applications and requirements has developed. In addition to our standard range, for unusual applications we offer customers a wide spectrum of special products. If a suitable product is not available in our complete portfolio, from certain minimum volumes we can develop individual special products. In addition to our own brands, we offer customers our long experience with chemical-technical products, including job order manufacturing. 

Thanks to continuous investment in a wide variety of specialised equipment, we can implement an extensive portfolio of production and packaging variations. Our key account management department provides comprehensive customer support – with complete confidentiality. 

Whatever we do, the highest quality and close, personal dialogue with our customers always come first.

We create connections!

Quality control management

Diligent inspection of incoming goods and raw materials, together with extensive dispatch controls, ensure the maintenance of the highest quality standards, both ours and our customer’s. Process-secure procedures, manufacturing and packaging instructions, and a range of other workflows safeguard high quality. Comprehensive laboratory posibillities guarantee reliable product results. Detailed DQS auditing as part of the ISO certification, as well as individual auditing by our customers are routine. Accordingly we are accredited DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Against this background, our processes and procedures are continuously scrutinized and improved to take into account ever-changing parameters and developments


Compliance/management principles

Integrity and sincerity are the key to our relationship with customers and suppliers. Our services are provided as a team, guided by mutual acceptance and tolerance. Satisfying our customers and offering a comprehensive service in regard to our products and job order manufacturing are our daily guiding principles. Our incentive: always to become just a little bit better.

Discrimination in whatever form is unacceptable. Any form of corruption, bribery, extortion and misappropriation is strictly forbidden.
See more about our guidelines under "Code of Conduct"

Health and safety at epple

Our aim is a safe, healthy and performance-enhancing work environment which ensures the company’s continuing success. Through comprehensive healthcare management we commit to guaranteeing the greatest possible security to our personnel, their families, our visitors, fellow humans and future generations.

Efficient health and safety management:

Our guiding principles in detail:

  • Responsible organisation of working conditions
  • Minimisation of dangers and related working hazards
  • Avoidance of work accidents and occupational illnesses

A secure and employee-friendly workplace:

Extensive risk assessment and consequent measures to optimize all technical and operational processes are an intrinsic part of our health and safety management. To actively reduce work accidents and occupational illnesses, causes of work-related hazards are systematically reported, employees actively engaged and self-responsibility encouraged. Employee-friendly, safe and ergonomic organisation of the work place is our top priority.

Responsible employees

Targeted and extensive training and further education provide the necessary background for the implementation of safety-relevant standards. Health and safety issues are addressed and all personnel are informed about work safety requirements. Regular personnel briefings and appropriate training for their assigned jobs qualify employees for their daily work and serve the safety of all.

A defibrillator installed in the building is in readiness for unforeseen emergencies. A comprehensive safety concept for visitors creates the conditions and code of conduct which allow a risk-free visit to our company.