epple quick: industrial instant adhesive with UV-technology

epple-quick – innovative one-component adhesive with UV technology. Cures with UV light in seconds, perfect dosing technology for the most efficient application in existing production processes. And all in a single procedure!

epple-quick is the efficient solution to rising demands in laminating and casting sector – thanks to innovative UV technology. The adhesives and sealing compounds cure only when irradiated with UV-A or visible light. That means epple-quick gives the flexibility you need: as much assembly time as you require – then cures within seconds. Systematic bonding! epple provides bonding solutions specifically designed for your product and your process.

  • Easy application, single-component adhesive
  • Wide application spectrum (glass, synthetics, steel)
  • Individually integrated and automated into existing workflows
  • No limits on curing time 
  • Cures in seconds, saving time, energy and costs
  • Short cycle times mean high throughput 
  • Gentle on materials due to limited warming while curing
  • Substratschonend - dank geringer Erwärmung bei der Aushärtung