Expertise through experience

We produce your formulas in completely explosion-protected production buildings with extensive  quality control and batch tracking of finished goods. We manufacture on-site in Herrenberg according to the latest standards and requirements of the chemicals industry, under regular regulatory supervision.

With years of experience in producing chemically difficult products, we have systematically developed the relative competence. As well as repeated investment in expanding our buildings to increase production capacity, continuous investment in our machine park has allowed ever-more complicated production processes. So today the specialised machinery in our manufacturing plant permits extremely complex procedures. Procedures involving cooling or heating materials during processing, with inert gas or in a vacuum, are all routine. Depending on the density of materials, batches of up to 2 t can be produced.

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Our machine park comprises the following:

  • 3-flute mixer
  • Butterfly dissolver
  • Dissolver and vacuum dissolver (with or without floor- or wall wiper)
  • Vacuum dissolver with bead mill 
  • Planetary mixer
  • Z-kneader
  • Hot mixer
  • Three-roll mill
  • Granulator

For instance, the vacuum dissolver with bead mill allows several production steps to be carried out in one operation. This enables particularly sensitive products to be processed, e.g. when oxygen or moisture must be excluded. Depending on the system, pigments of less than 1 µ can be ground

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