epple 37-new

epple 37-new is an one-component, solvent-containing sealing compound on the basis of copolymers. 

  • Very high temperature resistance up to max. 400°C
  • Remains elastic at temperatures of up to 120° C
  • Gradual curing takes place with temperatures to up to max. 400 ° C
  • Very good adhesive strength to metals and different plastics 
  • Sealing of joints

Application: epple 37 is used for waterproofings under heavy thermal stress, e. g. for high-performance engines, turbines, drying plants and in kiln engineering. It can furthermore be applied as sealant to flanges, cast iron pipes, drying drums, metal chimneys and to gears. Possible applications: flanges on cast iron pipes, drying plants/enamelling lines, metal chimneys, bakery equipment, gears, screw connections/surfaces (at high temperature).

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