epple 06789-new/V1

epple 06789-new/V1 is a two-component, solvent-free cast resin on the basis of epoxy. 

  • Low-viscous material with a very long pot-life
  • Good adhesion to metal, wood and various plastics
  • Tough mould with high mechanical strength
  • High glass transition temperature and good thermal resistance

Application: Suitable for the grouting of large volumes, e. g. for the grouting of the coil-cavities in electric motors of any size. Particularly suitable for the grouting of components subject to heavy temperature fluctuation and is applied at temperatures of even below –25 °C without showing any cracks or changes during reheating

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  • Safety Data Sheet
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Technical Data Sheet

TDS epple 06789-new V1

Safety Data Sheet

SDS epple 06789-new V1_Comp.A
SDS epple 06789-new V1_Comp. B

Price List

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