epple-easy 5740-new

epple-easy 5740-new is a two-component, solvent-free cast resin on the basis of polyurethane in a new version. 

  • Supplied in a dual- cartridge
  • Soft, elastic mould
  • Very low shrinkage
  • Very good adhesion to polycarbonate and polyamide

Appliaction: Suitable for the grouting of components subject to vibration. It protects circuit boards and electronic components against mechanical and chemical strains. epple-easy 5740 is applicable to protect the electronics of accelerometers (e. g. inductive sensors and foucault current sensors), which are used to evaluate the operating characteristics and –conditions of motors.

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  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Price List

Technical Data Sheet

TDS epple-easy 5740-new
epple-easy application guideline

Safety Data Sheet

SDS epple-easy 5740-new Comp. A
SDS epple-easy 5740-new Comp. B

Price List

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