epple 07216-new / V1

epple 07216-new / V1 is a two-component, solvent-free cast resin on the basis of epoxy.

  • Low-viscous product
  • Provides medium pot-life and cures to a well-deaerated, tough mould
  • Low thermal dilatation
  • Very good resistance against various solvents

Anwendung:  The product provides very good resistance against various solvents, particularly against gasoline and higher hydrocarbons, as well as ester.

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  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Safetay Data Sheet
  • Price List

Technical Data Sheet

TDS epple 07216-neu / V1

Safety Data Sheet

SDS epple 07216-neu /V1-Komp. A
SDS epple 07216-neu /V1-Komp. B

Price List

Price List Cast Resins