epple 07149

epple 07149 is a two-component, solvent-free cast resin on the basis of epoxy.

  • Medium-viscous material
  • Transparent mould with very high mechanical strength
  • Very low yellowing under uv-radiation
  • Very low volume shrinkage

Application: Used where a transparent cast resin is required. It can also be applied in larger film thicknesses to up to several centimetres and cures entirely blister-free. Thanks to its long pot life it penetrates into even complex structures. Curing time can be shortened by heat addition. epple 07149 can be used for the grouting of optical reading heads requiring a tough cast resin.

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Technical Data Sheet

TDS epple 07149

Safety Data Sheet

SDS epple 07149 Comp. A
SDS epple 07149 Comp. B

Price List

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