epple 07145

epple 07145 is a two-component, solvent-free cast resin on the basis of epoxy.

  • Low-viscous, red product
  • Deaerates itself and penetrates into even smallest cavities
  • Good mechanical properties and
  • Resistance against a wide temperature range

Anwendung: Particularly suitable for the grouting of component parts with complex structures, as well as for the moulding of components. epple 07145 can furthermore be used for applications subject to high thermal fluctuation, e. g. for the protection of heavy-duty components, for the casting of moulds and for the grouting of larger cavities.

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Technical Data Sheet

TDS epple 07145

Safety Data Sheet

SDS epple 07145 Comp. A
SDS epple 07145 Comp. B

Price List

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