In response to the current emergency situation because of the Corona Virus, also we would like to make a contribution to a quick crisis management by the production of disinfectants, so to improve the general basic supply for them.

Thanks to our many years of expertise in handling raw materials and to our technical equipment fulfilling all necessary requirements, we are able to ensure a reliable supply of these products to our customers.

We offer 4 different disinfectants all are based on ethanol:

  1. epple-disinfect hand 1 
  2. epple-disinfect hand sensitive 2
  3. epple-disinfect hand sensitive + 3
  4. epple-disinfect surface 

All 4 formulations are being manufactured acc. to the General Decrees for the Hygienic Hand Disinfection dated 09.04.2020 (edition dated 15.04.2020) and Surface Disinfection dated 02.04.2020.

1 with BAuA-registration number: N-91411
2  with BAuA-registration number: N-92518
3  with BAuA-registration number: N-92282

The characteristics of our biocidal products are:

  • effective against bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and viruses (against enveloped viruses, e. g. corona viruses, influenza viruses etc.) - partially viricidal 
  • for the use in public, business and industrial areas (epple-Hand Disinfect also in out-patient or in-patient care areas)
  • for professional users and consumers (except surface disinfection)

We offer the following packaging sizes:

  • 250 ml spray bottle
  • 450 ml spray bottle
  • 1 l bottle with or without spray nozzle
  • 2,5 l plastic canister
  • 5 l plastic canister
  • 10 l plastic canister 
  • 25 l plastic canister

For further information please see our product data sheets and safety data sheets below!

Also individual stores can be supplied upon request!

Price scale and delivery times are dependent on the order volume.

Please send your inquiry to: info@epple-chemie.de