Current information on the Corona Pandemic

The safety of our employees and business partners has the highest priority for us and therefore the continuity of our business and ability to supply.

We have no confirmed case of corona in the company and have taken various security measures to ensure that this remains the case. These include, for example: 

  • Setting up a crisis management team 
  • Closing the lunchroom
  • Cancelling all business trips and also visits to the company
  • Converting meetings into telephone conferences 
  • Disinfection and hygiene measures throughout the company
  • Guidelines for employees in their leisure time are just some of these measures
  • ...

We are also closely monitoring the current global situation regarding the virus and, on this basis, will continue to take all necessary internal precautions to ensure the best possible protection for everyone. 

No one knows how the things will pan out. Since new information and restrictions are added daily due to the extremely rapid spread of the virus, no one can predict to what extent this will also affect the delivery capabilities of individual products. This is of course directly related to the reliable supply of the required raw materials and packaging materials. In the case of toll manufacturing the responsibility lies with our customers themselves. In the case of full-service packages, our supplier’s didn’t announced yet any delays in the supply chain.

So far we still work in 2 shifts and have no delivery bottlenecks, but the risk of disruptions is inevitably increasing due to the spread of the virus.

For this reason, we recommend our customers to plan for the long-term, to check the demands and to order in advance at your earliest convenience!

As soon as we become aware of any bottlenecks or difficulties in meeting deadlines for individual cases, we will of course inform you as soon as possible.

On this page we also keep you informed about the current situation in our company.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the known contact persons.