Current information on the Corona Pandemic

The safety of our employees and business partners has the highest priority for us and therefore the continuity of our business and ability to supply.

Already at the beginning of the pandemic, a crisis team was established which developed a comprehensive pandemic plan. This plan provides for various measures and stages that will be implemented depending on the current infection situation. For example, the following points should be mentioned.

  • Mandatory use of masks throughout the company
  • Disinfection and hygiene measures throughout the company
  • Closure of the cafeteria and missed break times
  • Cancellation of all business trips and also visits to the company 
  • Conversion of meetings into telephone conferences 
  • Recommendations for travel or up-to-date information on high-incidence areas
  • Guidelines for employees in their free time
  • etc.

Furthermore, we are closely monitoring the current global situation regarding the virus and will continue to take all necessary internal precautions on this basis for the best possible protection of all. The pandemic plan is continuously evolving against this background.

Due to the developments in relation to Corona as well as the currently very tense situation on the raw material markets, it is impossible to forecast any effects on the ability to deliver individual products. In the case of contract production provided by our customers, the responsibility for this lies with our customers themselves. 

In any case, it is helpful if our customers plan in the long term, check their requirements and order in good time with sufficient lead time!

As soon as we become aware of any bottlenecks or scheduling difficulties, we will inform our customers as soon as possible.

Please contact us at any time if you have any questions!