epple 06848-neu

epple 06848-neu is a two-component, solvent-free cast resin on the basis of epoxy.
Compared to the original recipe there are the following small changes: The viscosity of the A-component is slightly higher, but this has hardly any effect on the mixture. The mixing ratio is slightly corrected to 74:26 parts by weight. The characteristics and resistances are unchanged.

  • Low-viscous material
  • Transparent mould
  • Low TG and high elongation at break
  • Suitable for the use at even low temperatures

Application: Suitable for the grouting of components, which are mainly used under low temperatures. It can be applied as protection against mechanical influences and humidity. In industry for instance, it is applied for the grouting of temperature sensors. Provides good adhesion to metals, wood, concrete and various plastics

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  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Safety Data Sheet
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Technical Data Sheet

TDS epple 06848-new / V1

Safety Data Sheet

SDS epple 06848-new / V1 Comp. A
SDS epple 06848-new / V1 Comp. B

Price List

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