epple-loc adhesives are of one component, solvent-free, fast polymerising and cold-curing. The curing process starts – by the exclusion of oxygen - only when the assembly units are being connected.

  • Reliably fill even the smallest cavities
  • Clean processing and application
  • Filled assembly crevices will be resistant against impact and vibration and will reliably prevent any form of leakage

Anwendung: epple-loc products are applied where fastening, waterproofing and protection of non-porous materials is concerned, e. g. for the protection of bolted joints against vibration, impact and shock or for the reliable waterproofing of threads.The adhesives prevent seize up and improve the strength of the fittings. Mechanical fasteners and –devices can be saved, corrosion by friction and crevice corrosion can be impeded.

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