Curing even with air excluded, rapid polymerising systems for secure, efficient and solvent-free bonding of metallic materials, for example protection of screw fittings against vibration, impact and shock, as well as a surface sealant.


epple-loc adhesives can be used in the widest range of applications: protecting screw fittings against vibration, impact and shock, reliable sealing of threads, flanges and other surfaces. The adhesives prevent rusting and improve the strength of the fittings – saving fastening materials and fixtures and preventing friction and crevice corrosion. So epple-loc adhesives protect not only the environment but also your bottom line.

epple-loc at a glance

  • Rapid polymerising, cold-curing single-component adhesives to reliably secure and seal metallic materials
  • Solvent-free
  • Wide application range
  • Viscosity from 10 mPas (epple-loc 2000) to 9000 mPas (epple-loc 3035)
  • Tangible in 15 – 90 minutes
  • Final curing: 14 – 30 hours
  • Thermally stable to +150°C

Flows into the smallest cavities

epple-loc adhesives flow into the smallest cavities. They bond and seal, protect from corrosion and seizing up. All single-component adhesives in the epple-loc product line are rapid polymerising, cold-curing and also solvent-free. Adhesives you can apply wherever metallic materials need bonding, sealing and protection.