Epple carries a number of measuring instruments and devices which enable comprehensive material testing in accordance with applicable standards. Here an outline of possible tests in the adhesive sector:

Testing of adhesive strengths

  • Tensile test acc. to DIN EN 26922
  • Shear tension test acc. to DIN EN 1465
  • Floating roller peel test acc. to DIN EN 1464
  • T-peel test acc. to DIN EN 53282
  • Climbing drum peel test acc. to DIN 53295
  • Torsion test acc. to DIN EN ISO 10954
  • Determination of the creep properties with the creep rupture test acc. to DIN EN ISO 899
  • Determination of creep strength acc. to DIN 53284
  • Surface cleavability (acc. to customer’s prescription)
  • Customised test assemblies
  • etc.

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News from the laboratory

New particle size analyzer

Within the framework of the continuous expansion of testing possibilities of our analytics, our laboratory now also disposes of a new laser diffraction- and particle size analyzer. It quickly provides absolutely reliable precise particle size distributions for dispersions. This measuring device allows the measurement of particle size from the nanometer scale to the millimeter range (0,01 to 3500 µm). Here it is possible to test particles dispersed in water and in subset solvents. All this to ensure optimal mixtures and for proper technical cleanliness.

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