We believe in the manufacturing location in Germany, so that we concentrated our production capacities here. We manufacture in our facility in Herrenberg at the latest guidelines and conditions of the chemical industry and under constant monitoring of the industrial inspectorate.

Our production area was doubled by the extension of our facility at the end of 2006. The way for further growth and security of the workplace is therewith paved, so that tomorrow we will still be able to flexibly react to the market developments and our customer’s needs. And to constantly and reliably supply highest quality at the same time.

All this also permits further expansions of our toll manufacturing sector!

Our machinery comprises the following aggregates:

  • three-flute mixer
  • dissolver and vacuum dissolver (with/without floor-/wall wiper)
  • vacuum disolver with basket mills
  • planetary mixer
  • Z-kneader
  • hot mixer
  • three-roll mill
  • granulator

Our machinery and the combination of the relevant possibilities enable the production of low- and high-viscous materials under heating/cooling and with the possibility of evacuation and admission of protective gas. Even mixing temperatures of up to 150 ° C are possible on some of our devices. Partially, also procedures with heating- and subsequent cooling steps are combinable.


Production is ECOfit

In the course of the Ecofit project, savings of several 10.000 kWh in total were reached by optimization of our process sequences in the production. For more information please see Environment


epple expands machinery!

For the extension of our production capacity, our machinery had been supplemented by a basket-bead mill as combined dissolver/bead mill-device. This machine is intended to carry out several process steps in a single operation, so to handle very sensitive products with the highest care possible where e. g. the exclusion of oxygen or humidity is required. Depending on the system, pigments can be dispersed smaller than 1 µ.


Technical Manager

Mr . Peter Juszczyk

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Application technology department

Dr. Udo Seemann

Phone: 07032 / 9771-95

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