We believe in the manufacturing location in Germany, as this is the best possible protection of our environment. Not only the safeguarding of employment, but also and in particular the elevated legal obligations and requirements towards the production of chemicals in Germany and their constant monitoring protect our environment. We entirely accept to satisfy all these regulations.

This is our contribution to climate protection and to the future of our planet!

We see ourselves in the obligation to respect our nature and we follow our resolution inter alia by:

  • careful selection of raw materials, also considering their ecological properties
  • development of products and procedures facilitating their application
  • special technologies for exhaust air and air filtering for the protection of humans and environment
  • modern production facilities under particular consideration of operational safety and ergonomics
  • resource-saving and controlled production with eco-friendly sorting and disposal of wastes.

The environment as an obligation!



Already in November 2007, E. Epple & Co. GmbH participates to ECOfit, a cooperative project in the range of sustainability and environmental protection between the Ministry of Environment of Baden-Württemberg and the business promotion entity of the rural district of Böblingen. On the basis of workshops and site inspections, this programme covers topics like waste management, water use, air pollution control, energy conservation etc., so to combine cost cuttings in the company and environmentalism. The results of various ECOfit projects throughout the country clearly demonstrate that this does not have to contravene with each other. Corresponding measures were elaborated and implemented in cooperation with Arqum’s experienced and specialised environment consultants deployed by the rural district.




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