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Our competence and our strength is the innovative development work and the customized service in terms of special product developments according to our customer's preference.

Priorities of our development works:

  • AdBlue-technology
  • cast resin technology
  • chemical resistant products for extreme conditions
  • adjustment of recipes because of omissions/changes of certain raw materials or laws
  • customized solutions
  • special developments within the scope of projects with partners

Our supreme dictum is and always used to be the protection of our environment. Our sealing compounds always used to be free from CHC – and already beginning of the 1970s, epple came out with the first solvent-free duroplastic sealant. With success. Success for our customers, but above all for the environment.

Our personal contacts, confidential talks and the associated exchange of information with our customers provide us with important market information. This enables us to anticipatory develop tomorrow’s products. Therefore please don’t hesitate to challenge us! We will find the ideal solution for you.


AdBlue Sonderentwicklung

epple always turns its attention to products benefiting the environment and reducing Co2. We therefore succeeded in developing a product which is suitable for the coating of tanks for the storage of AdBlue®/Air1®. For more information please see

Latest inventions

One of our current development cores is in the range of high-tech cast resins. Amongst others we offer products for building components subject to heavy chemical load, e. g. by mineral acids like sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and organic acids like formic acid, acetic acid or oxalic acid. For more information please see" Gießharze


Technical Manager

Mr . Peter Juszczyk

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Application technology department

Dr. Udo Seemann

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