Technical advice

Technical advice

To satisfy the individual requirements of our customers, we offer special sealing compounds for almost every type of material, load and connection.

The transition from sealants to adhesives is literally smooth. Just as adhesives, also sealants are used when the leakage of gases or liquids between two abutting spaces shall be avoided. When waterproofing joints, seams, surfaces and gaps, the sealant forms a bridge between the surfaces out of equal or different materials. This works thanks to the surface adhesion to the workpiece and the cohesion within the sealing compound.

Frequently asked questions about the choice of the appropriate sealing compound:

  • Which materials are subject to be sealed?
  • Shall solid components or porous materials be connected?
  • Which thermal strain will be exposed to the connection?
  • Are strains by aggressive chemicals to be expected?
  • Will the connection be exposed to high strains, heavy impact, vibration or shearing or pression?

... and its correct application:

  • Must the sealant pour into narrow crevices or cracks?
  • Which seal gap has to be bridged?
  • Is the substrate smooth or porous?
  • After which time must the loading capacity be reached?
  • How high is the internal pressure?
  • How are the flow conditions?
  • May a solvent-based product be used?

Our personal contacts, confidential talks and the associated exchange of information with our customers provide us with important market information. This enables us to anticipatory develop tomorrow’s products. Therefore please don’t hesitate to challenge us! We will find the ideal solution for you.

Connected by competence!

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