Surface sealing

Surface sealing

Surface sealing avoids leakage of gears, flanges and housings. Durable and safe, within one day.

Our liquid surface sealants avoid leakage of any kind. Durable and safe. The sealant entirely refills existent scratches and roughness and withstands low pressure already shortly after application. A removable connection is created within only one day.

The sealants of our stucarit-range are solvent-free and duroplastic. They reliably protect against oils (e. g. stucarit 309), water, acids and leaches (stucarit 203) – and furthermore withstand even high thermal fluctuation (stucarit 410). They are therefore particularly suitable for the waterproofing of flanges on gears and pumps. stucarit-sealants can be charged immediately after connection of the flanges, so that time consuming airing- and curing times do not apply.

At a glance:

Film forming/curing:

  • for the sealing of flanges, gears and housings
  • scratches and roughness are being equalised
  • resistant against low pressure already shortly after application
  • removable connections are being created within only one day
  • silicone-free
  • suitable sealing compounds: epple 22, 28, 03131, 03163, 03172, 33


  • for the sealing of flanges, gears and housings
  • solvent-free, duroplastic sealing compounds
  • resistant against oils, water, acids and leaches
  • resistant against high thermal fluctuation
  • resilient immediately after connection of the flanges without aeration
  • silicone-free
  • suitable duroplastic sealing compounds are the products out of our stucarit-range: stucarit 203, 309, 318, 410, and 500

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