Sealing compounds

Sealing compounds

epple-sealing compounds assembly most different materials. They seal amongst others surfaces, joints or seams. Whatever you require yet always reliable and silicone-free.

Our sealing compounds are liquid. They are pastes or fluids, which either remain in their liquid condition (duroplastic waterproofings) or cure whilst being applied (film-forming waterproofings). Liquid sealants come into play where solid sealants reach their limit, for liquid sealants entail decisive advantages: they adapt themselves to any substrate. This saves valuable time, as no extensive pre-treatment is necessary. This means in summary: no troublesome preparation of cavities, steps or notches and no expensive storage of solid sealants.

No sealing compound is able to fulfil likewise all these requirements. The right sealing compound has to be chosen in line with the type of connection and field of application. The spectrum ranges from non-curing, duroplastic sealants via curing ones to rigid, non-flexible system. Special types are resistant against aggressive chemicals, e. g. acids and leaches, whereas other systems withstand even extreme heat partially to up to 800 C. Over and above there are still more requirements: care-intensive building components demand easily detachable and non-bonding sealants, which shall be easy to clean and mostly even also abatable.

The application spectrum for sealing compounds is wide and even as versatile is our range of products. We offer the right solution for any challenge. Whatever you require yet always reliable and silicone-free.

Depending on the type of application we distinguish between three different groups:

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