Quality assurance

Quality assurance

It depends on the right quality!

Ensuring the right quality

  • incoming-goods inspection of raw materials and packaging materials
  • quality controls during the whole production- and filling process
  • data comparison with specification subject to release
  • extensive documentation, e. g. test certificates, weighing protocols, storage of wet samples, etc.

Here we are able to access a multitude of tests, carried out by our comprehensive analytics by means of numerous modern testing instruments. For more information please also see testing and quality assurance

News from the laboratory

New particle size analyzer

Within the framework of the continuous expansion of testing possibilities of our analytics, our laboratory now also disposes of a new laser diffraction- and particle size analyzer. It quickly provides absolutely reliable precise particle size distributions for dispersions. This measuring device allows the measurement of particle size from the nanometer scale to the millimeter range (0,01 to 3500 Ám). Here it is possible to test particles dispersed in water and in subset solvents. All this to ensure optimal mixtures and for proper technical cleanliness.


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