We do a lot for the maximum protection of the environment

Your recipes are being produced in our completely explosion-proof production halls with comprehensive quality control and batch tracing for the manufactured goods. Our production takes place in our plant in Herrenberg according to the latest guidelines and requirements of the chemical industry and under regular surveillance by the authorities. The extension of our plant in 2006 led to a doubling of the production area and the transfer of our consignment department into a second plant in the year 2013 created an additional capacity increase of 1000 m. The booking of production days (incl. personnel) is possible, if required.

Our machinery comprises the following aggregates:

  • three-flute mixer
  • dissolver and vacuum dissolver (with/without floor-/wall wiper)
  • vacuum disolver with basket mills
  • planetary mixer
  • Z-kneader
  • hot mixer
  • three-roll mill
  • granulator

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epple expands machinery!

For the extension of our production capacity, our machinery had been supplemented by a basket-bead mill as combined dissolver/bead mill-device. This machine is intended to carry out several process steps in a single operation, so to handle very sensitive products with the highest care possible where e. g. the exclusion of oxygen or humidity is required. Depending on the system, pigments can be dispersed smaller than 1 .


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