Filling and pre-packaging

Filling and pre-packaging

Fast, reliable and safe

The strengths of our bottling plant:

  • bottling of materials into most different containers (tubes, poly-tube bags, cartridges, tins, bottles, cans, pails, buckets, drums)
  • filling of aerosol
  • labeling of most different formats
  • packing of sets
  • coding with lot numbers and expiry date
  • barcode coding
  • quality assurance according to the relevant DIN-regulations and customers’ requirements
  • filling of samples for testing purposes or product tests on the market

As standard we are disposing of a wide range of containers and packaging materials. Let's just talk about it, when you are looking for the appropriate packaging for your product!

Hot-Melt-filling line

We have the first Hot-Melt-filling line that is suitable for the filling of Hot-Melt from drums into cartridges. The reliability of this device guarantees a measuring cell providing 100 % quality control.


Our filling line for cartridges

We were now able to further increase our capacities for the automatic filling, coding and labeling of cartridges by the purchase of a filling line for cartridges with an output up to 10.000 pcs. per day. This investment will assure the further unimpeded extension of our job order manufacturing.


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