Technical advice

Technical advice

Frequently asked questions about the later utilisation of the cured cast resin:

  • Must the product be tough or soft for its utilisation?
  • Shall the cured resin be capable to be exposed to thermal stresses?
  • Is it likely that the product will be exposed to water or solvents?
  • How shall the electric isolation property be?
  • Shall the cast resin be ductile or will strains by bending or torsion be more likely?

... and its prior application:

  • Which materials and units are subject to be grouted?
  • Must the cast resin pour into narrow crevices or cracks??
  • Shall the cast resin enclose surmounting components?
  • Which temperature increase can the device endure?
  • Shall the resin be merged manually or will it be applied automatically?
  • How long shall the processing time be?

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