Cast resins

Cast resins

epple-cast resins are reliable, stable and durable. They protect building components against environmental influences and damage.

Cast resins are reaction resins which particularly protect electronic devices: against mechanical damage, environmental influences, chemicals attacks, dust and humidity. They furthermore increase the mechanical stability of the sensors, condensers or entire control units subject and they ameliorate the heat conduction of these components where applicable.

Our cast resins are available for high or low temperatures, for humid or dry materials and ambiances. They can be supplied as one- and two-component resins, based on either epoxies or polyurethanes. Also high or low viscosity and short or long curing time is possible – all depending on the respective field and type of application. Thus you may choose, together with our application technologists, the appropriate product for you from a wide range of possibilities.

Our basic- and standard products already cover a multitude of exigencies. With even more specific requirements we will be glad to customise our products. Please seek for the individual advice of our technicians – we look forward to hearing from you!

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Latest inventions

One of our current development cores is in the range of high-tech cast resins. Amongst others we offer products for building components subject to heavy chemical load, e. g. by mineral acids like sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and organic acids like formic acid, acetic acid or oxalic acid. For more information please see" Gießharze

Technical information

Technical Manager

Mr . Peter Juszczyk

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Application technology department

Dr. Udo Seemann

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