Technical advice

Technical advice

Frequently asked questions for the selection of the appropriate adhesive:

  • Which materials are subject to be bonded?
  • Are firm assembly parts or porous materials to be connected?
  • Which thermal stress will be exposed to the adhesive joint?
  • Will the parts be exposed to aggressive chemicals?
  • Which forces and strains will impact the bonding?

... and its professional application:

  • Must the adhesive pour into narrow crevices or cracks?
  • How long shall the processing time be?
  • How long may the bond harden?
  • Are the components subject to be bonded exposed to high tension or peeling?

Our personal contacts, confidential talks and the associated exchange of information with our customers provide us with important market information. This enables us to anticipatory develop tomorrow’s products. Therefore please don’t hesitate to challenge us! We will find the ideal solution for you.

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Adhesive Search

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