epple-spezial – the special adhesives. For the office and for the very exceptional requirements in industry and building construction.

The epple-spezial line summarizes adhesives for very special and individual applications. Their composition is as different as their application. Their commonness is the fact, that every single product had been developed for certain special applications.

epple-spezial at a glance

Customised solutions for special problems:

  • bonding of polystyrene with epple 555/S (solvent-based), epple 822 (solvent-free)
  • bonding of textiles for interior fittings of vehicles with epple 200/S
  • bonding of spars in the construction of sports equipment with epple 05217
  • adhesive “gum” for office and handicraft and adhesive “klebi” for children

A survey on our standard products can be obtained in our „Survey of technical data“ (to the right) or in the “Product survey” in the download area!

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