epple-quick - innovative one-component system. Adheres, waterproofs and protects thanks to UV-technique within seconds.

epple-quick is the efficient reply to rising demands in the laminating- and grouting technology. Thanks to an innovative UV-technique. For the adhesives and sealing compounds cure only when they are irradiated with UV-A or with visible light. This means: epple-quick gives you the flexibility you need. It gives you as much time as you may need to connect the assembly units - and cures then within seconds.

Thus you adhere with system. epple provides bonding solutions, which are being adjusted to your very individual products and manufacturing technology.


The application of epple-quick is quite simple. No mixing of several components. No restrictions with regards to the pot life. You will rather be able to dose even minimal quantities properly and exactly with this sophisticated bonding system. The gradual elastification from tough to strain-compensative allows durable bonding and the grouting of most different materials for many requirements. Thus epple-quick is predestined as adhesive and sealing compound for electrical engineering, electronics, optics, machine construction, medical engineering, appliance technology, precision mechanics, in glass construction or even for the furniture industry.

epple-quick at a glance

  • one-component adhesives, easy to apply
  • broad application spectrum (glass, plastic, steel)
  • can be integrated and automated individually into existing workflows
  • no restrictions with regards to the pot life
  • cures within seconds – saves time, energy and therewith costs
  • short station times provide high performance
  • nonwearing - thanks to low warming during the curing process

A survey on our standard products can be obtained in our „Survey of technical data“ (to the right) or in the “Product survey” in the download area!

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Our range goes from uv-adhesives/cast resins via different, semi-automatic dosing units, uv-spotlights or common hand lamps for curing purposes to even metrological devices. And all this in one stop.

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