epple-loc adhesives pour into smallest cavities. They adhere, waterproof and protect against corrosion and seize up.

All one-component adhesives in the epple-loc product line are fast polymerising, cold-setting and solvent-free. Adhesives that are applied where fastening, waterproofing and protection of metal materials is concerned.

The adhesives of our epple-loc range can be applied in most different areas: for the protection of bolted joints against vibration, impact and shock or for the reliable waterproofing of threads in building construction. The adhesives prevent seize up and improve the strength of the fittings. Mechanical fasteners and –devices can be saved, corrosion by friction and crevice corrosion can be impeded. Thus epple-loc adhesives do not only take care of our environment, but also of your calculation.

epple-loc at a glance

  • fast polymerising, cold-setting, one-component adhesive for the reliable protection and waterproofing of metal materials
  • solvent-free
  • versatile application possibilities
  • viscosity from 10 mPas (epple-loc 2000) to 9000 mPas (epple-loc 3035)
  • tangible within 15 – 90 minutes
  • achievement of final strength within 14 – 30 hours
  • thermal resistance to up to + 150 ° C

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