epple-easy – for waterproofing, bonding and casting. The practical adhesion system for the coeval application of two-components by means of a cartridge pistol.

What’s special about this series is the packaging: two-component application with easy and perfect handling. Thanks to the mixing device on the cartridge, the two components are being mixed automatically during application – and this in the exact quantity that is respectively needed.

There is no easier way than epple-easy!

We offer various equipment for the epple-easy series. Please see the list of tools and equipment in the download-area.

epple-easy at a glance

  • broad spectrum of application possibilities
  • ready for use without time consuming mixing
  • simplest handling
  • safe and tidy: no manual mixing and no mixing faults
  • paintable – does not contain any silicone
  • cost-effective – content can be used up over several applications
  • environmentally sound, zero-emission, few wastage

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