epple-classics – the adhesive classics. The appropriate adhesive for all connections: matched to place of application, material type and expected strain.

The classic among our product range convinces by its wide field of application, which can be cut into four groups: solvent-free and solvent-based adhesives, dispersions and epple-easy.

epple-adhesives are offered for every type of use: high and low temperatures, humidity and drought, aggressive media and extreme ageing, pressure and tension, shearing and peeling, bending and vibration. And also for nearly every type of material: from steel via the most different plastics, wood and leather to concrete.

epple-classics at a glance

  • solvent-free and solvent-based one- and two-component adhesives
  • high mechanical strengths on different surfaces
  • good temperature- and chemical resistance
  • many application possibilities by a broad spectrum of pot lifes, viscosities and adhesive strengths

A survey on our standard products can be obtained in our „Survey of technical data“ (to the right) or in the “Product survey” in the download area!

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