Reliable all-purpose instant adhesives. Adhering sticking in the blink of an eye.

The application possibilities of epple-bond instant adhesive leave nothing to be desired. We definitely offer the appropriate adhesive for nearly every type of material. epple-bond products adhere steel, non-ferrous metal and light metal, as well as their compositions, but also non-metal materials like porcelain, ceramic, laminated paper, plastic, natural and composition caoutchouc, wood, cork, textiles, leather and many porous materials. Among each other and with each other.

epple-bond at a glance

  • solvent-free, fast polymerising and cold-setting one-component instant adhesive
  • good mechanical strength and high adhesive power
  • good resistance against temperature and chemicals
  • wide range of application possibilities bonds metal, porcelain, ceramic, laminated paper, plastic, caoutchouc, wood, cork, textiles, leather and many porous materials
  • tangible in 3 seconds (with plastics) to 2 minutes (metals)

new - new - new - new

The new epple-bond packaging:

The revised bond-bottle for our new bond-types enables an improved metering. It now consists of the following parts:

1. soft bottle for an easier dosage.

2. Novel closing cap consisting of 2 parts, e. g. of the dripper and of the closure with synthetic needle. The needle secures that the dripper remains free from adhesive on unscrewing the cap, coevally sealing the closure with it. In addition, is assured that the cap does not slide off by mistake.

Your advantages:

+ accurate nozzle for a perfect metering

+ already opened bottle for immediate application

+ no agglutinating of the metering nozzle

+ leakproof at any time, once the cap with the needle is screwed on

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