The magic of adhering. Industrial adhesives literally stick the whole world together – from the ICE-high speed train to the dental crown. Only with adhesives it is possible that a plaster protects a scratched knee, that glasses stay in the automobile headlights and that labels inform about foodstuffs and their contents. Adhesives help the Airbus A380 to take off and they more and more often replace the suture in medicine.

The almost unlimited application possibilities and the development of latest technologies make our daily work so fascinating for us.

We create connections!

Many innovative adhesives, summarised in five product lines for you:

epple-classics - our adhesive classics are available with or without solvents and in one- or two-component version. Their application possibilities are nearly unlimited. They differ depending on their place of installation, material type, form of operational demand and the way of application. This also includes epple-easy, the rapid and practical adhesion system for the two-component application by means of a cartridge pistol.

epple-bond - Fast polymerising one-component-adhesives for the safe instant bonding of metal, plastic and porous substrates.

epple-loc - these systems cure under exclusion of air and are likewise fast polymerising. They are suitable for the safe, efficient and solvent-free bonding of metals, e. g. for the protection of screw connections against vibration, impact and shock, as well as for the sealing of larger areas.

epple-quick - innovative one-component adhesives with UV-technique. High-speed systems curing with UV-light and enabling perfect dosage for the efficient application in existent production processes. And all this in one-stop!

epple-spezial - the special adhesives. For industry, office, or very exceptional requirements in handcraft. Our specials range from our all-purpose adhesive Ultra, via our special instant glues to “Klebi”, our artwork glue for the rising generation of craftsmen.

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