The company

The company

Company history and milestones:

1938 Company foundation by Mr. Ernst Deimold
1942 Development and market launch of the first solvent-containing sealing compounds
1944 Destruction of the administration building in the city of Stuttgart by bombing raids during the Second World War
1946 Reconstruction of the headquarter after the end of the war
1966 Conversion of the companies' legal form into a private limited company (GmbH)
1967 Separation of the coating technology division into the independent subsidiary company Epple Bauelemente GmbH. Key aspects of activity are coatings for corrosion protection on steel tanks and pipelines, as well as floor coatings. At that point of time, also special products like anchorage fallback systems for tunnel construction belonged to the product range of Epple Bauelemente GmbH
1968 Takeover of the enterprise by Mr. Rolf Deimold and gradual extension of the companies' activities
1982 Continuation of the proceedings by Mrs. Margot Deimold after the sudden death of Mr. Rolf Deimold
1988 Takeover of the company by Mr. Axel Deimold
1994 Relocation of the company from Stuttgart to the large industrial area in Herrenberg, in order to enable further growing of the enterprise by new and modern production facilities implying all ecological possibilities
1998 Targeted extension of our market conformity by enlargement of our application technology department and our development division
2000 Introduction of an innovative range of UV-adhesives
2001 Introduction of our epple-easy system
2002 Assumption of the adhesives-line of the chemical plant Asperg
2003 Build-up and extension of the toll manufacturing sector
2006 Extension of the plant by construction of a 1.000 m2 production- and storage building, so to allow for our constant growth
2007 Enlargement of the production capacity by further increase of our comprehensive machinery, inter alia with special machines for the production of customized products
2009 The company had successfully been ECOfit-certified. After an extensive consumption analysis, substantial energy savings were reached by implementing various improvements, particularly in the production.
2010 Construction of a new distribution center with additional 1200 pallet storage spaces and integration of a logistic system, in order to be able to supply even more flexible and to be prepared for further growth.
2011 Further extension of our production capacity by acquisition of a basket-bead mill as combined device. Depending on the system, pigments can be dispersed smaller than 1 µ. Extension of our bottling and filling line by investment in a new filling line for cartridges for their automatic filling, coding and labeling with an output of up to 10.000 cartridges per day.
2012 With their annual “Credit Check” of 4.7 Mio German companies, the rating agency “Hoppenstedt Kreditinformationen” assesses epple’s creditworthiness with a credit index of 1. This is the best possible grade, which was only given to 4.4 % of the rated companies.
2013 E. Epple & Co. GmbH celebrates its 75th company anniversary and further extends its business activity by a second plant nearby the headquarters.

Looking ahead: Further extension of our core competences in sealing compounds, adhesives and cast resins and their special products for industrial applications.

Strategic anchorage of inter alia expansion and competence in our companies’ principles, in order to safeguard our German location!

Because future obliges!

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epple Bauelemente Our subsidiary company

  • Concrete protection
  • Corrosion protection
  • Special solutions

ISO-certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

We are certified!

Epple erhält auch in 2013 Auszeichnung!
Top Rating Zertifikat E. Epple & Co. GmbH

The rating agency "Hoppenstedt Kreditinformationen" evaluated the creditworthiness of E. Epple & Co. GmbH with an index of 1 like in 2012. Their annual credit check evaluates the solvency of 4.7 Mio. German companies on a scale of 1 to 6. Only 4.4 % of these companies obtained the index 1.

This solvency index of 1 confirms the reliable actuation of epple on the market as partner for customers and suppliers.

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