Core business

Core business

Our competence and our strength is the innovative creation and production of sealing compounds, adhesives and cast resins in line with the market, as well as the customized service in terms of special product developments according to our customer’s preference.

In order to always find the best solution for our customers, epple works closely with globally leading raw material manufacturers, so that there are common patent applications with important companies of the chemical industry.

The market-oriented extensions of our product portfolio and our investments in latest technologies ensure being able to satisfy current and future market requirements. This is the precondition to offer crucial advantages to our clientele. We will thus continue to successfully expand our international business, to safeguard employment and provide new jobs and to conduct our enterprise from strength to strength.

In addition to our comprehensive proprietary developments we are gradually extending our department for job order manufacturing , in order to also establish our company as capable partner for the production and sizing of chemical products. We reliably and punctually supply your products in highest quality, if desired also directly to your customers.

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Latest inventions

One of our current development cores is in the range of high-tech cast resins. Amongst others we offer products for building components subject to heavy chemical load, e. g. by mineral acids like sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and organic acids like formic acid, acetic acid or oxalic acid. For more information please see" Gießharze

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