About us

About us

sealing compounds - adhesives - cast resins since 75 years

Pioneering spirit and the ability to consistently accept changes as opportunities are the perceptible characteristics in our company since 80 years, which still bond us deeply to our incipiencies.

Being an established family enterprise in the third generation we continue to extend the performances of the past as basis for what determines us today. With consolidated and specifically enhanced competence in development and production of sealing compounds, adhesives and cast resins, we create connections for highest demands and the most different capacities.

Whether in vehicle construction or engineering, in electronics, in the chemical industry or in space technology epple provides innovative solutions by conviction and tradition.

For us, the fascination with bonding and waterproofing is to complete mechanical possibilities. The further development of adhesives and production technologies allow the optimization of processes, the reduction of cycle times and vehicle weights and the conservation of resources.

With this technological race against mechanics we are one step ahead in several fields, e. g. where environmental protection is concerned. Our sealing compounds always used to be free from CHC and already in 1978, epple came out with the first solvent-free duroplastic sealant. With success. Success for us, but above all for the environment and for our customers. Just as fluent as our products are the transitions between adhesives and sealing compounds. It was therefore self-evident to also incorporate and to continuously extend our long experience into the production of cast resins and coating technologies. As a result of this, epple today also offers a comprehensive range of special cast resins for the electrical- and electronic industry.

We create connections!

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